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get caught in the mermaid net

Do you wish you could become a real mermaid?


get caught in the mermaid net
Have you always felt drawn to the water? Do you dream of having a tail? Does your ideal vacation involve a visit to the shore?

While there are no easy mermaid spells for those who wish to become a mermaid, you can effect change within yourself to become more attuned with the ocean’s tides and the watery world around you.

Think of the great round spinning globe — the earth. This is our beautiful blue-green planet — our home. Its surface is more water than land. To other beings looking from afar, Earth would be seen as the home of the whales, dolphins, fish — and merfolk. We are all merfolk deep in the oceanic soul within each of us. Now you are invited to come on a magickal, mysterious journey into the true depths of our home. Let’s dive in!

Remember, the magick is in you!

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