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Secrets of the merfolk revealed


secrets of the merfolk
Here are revealed the darkest mer secrets. If you wish to know them, be aware that if you are not yet a mer yourself, you will be magickally turned into one when you read these revelations. Actually, that’s all part of the adventure of knowing the mer inside of you, isn’t it?

Here are some clues to these secrets: females often find themselves feeling more sexy, seductive, and free if they imagine themselves as mermaids or if they actually costume themselves in fishtails. There is a profound effect on the personality. Mermaids are a combination of Athena (goddess of wisdom and innocence) with Aphrodite (goddess of passion and sensuality). Thus, turning oneself into a mermaid releases aspects of the personality not usually expressed in “civilized” life -- namely, playfulness, insight, and total release. Males who dream of mermen, put on fishtail costumes, or fantasize about being captured by or capturing a merman have revealed -- if they reveal it at all -- that the experience is “feminine,” like being a “male mermaid.”

For the adolescent mind, merfolk symbolize awakening sexuality -- the mer rising from the depths of one’s deepest self. The sexuality that is discovered may be heterosexual (a male falling in love with a mermaid; a female falling in love with a merman), bisexual (half-human and half-fish symbolizing half-male and half-female), homosexual (a male captured or seduced by a merman; a female captured or seduced by a mermaid), or trans (a human turning into a mer; a mer turning into a human). Now you see that there is much hidden below the apparently simple surface imagery of merfolk!

We see this motif continued with mer-performers. Some performers consider it to be simply a job, another role to play while entertaining. However, others find the experience to be mystical, magical, and erotic. It becomes for them a means to be fully alive and one with the water.

The mer provokes or evokes something deep and feminine within us -- the sea-mother goddess from which we all may have emerged. We all still the children of the sea. If we do not nurture and care for our mother the sea, we shall die!

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