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To dream of mermaids


to dream of mermaids
Dreams are the means by which our unconscious minds can relay information to our conscious state. One might often wake to remember fragments of one’s dreams from the previous night. Such fragments can be used as a means to guide the decisions in one’s life.

What does it mean to dream of mermaids? The mermaid is a symbol of the unattainable female, the Perfect Woman. On the one hand, she can be the perfect lover of whom you have always dreamed -- the eternally-willing partner. On the other, she can be the predator who will unhesitatingly drown you for her own satisfaction -- a dangerous femme fatale. Which role does she play in your dreams?

Or perhaps you might be someone who dreams of a merman. Do you view his tail and trident as phallic symbols of indomitable strength and virility? Or is the fact that he is a fish from the waist-down a suggestion of emasculation? You might use this dream as a means to determine your own comfort level with male power.

Let your unconscious be your guide in determining the most appropriate interpretation of your mer-dreams!

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