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The existence of merfolk


mermaids exist
One of the most intriguing questions about merfolk is whether we exist at all. So now we will answer that question. Much to the chagrin of doubters everywhere, we are indeed real -- just as real as you!

We merfolk personify the water -- the water that gives you life and sustains you. That is the mission of the merfolk: to guard the sacredness of water and to make her essence known to you. Our ancient ancestral race of Atlantis raped this sacred godsend -- the sea. After we destroyed our civilization with our own abuses, those few who survived became cetaceans in the bosom of the Sea-Mother we had so abused.

The specifics of our existence

Where do we live? We live in the boundary between body and spirit. This is not to say that we have no physical existence. We do, just as many of your myths attest. But our higher purpose is as guardian spirits. Thus we do not try to display ourselves too much. But where there are dolphins and whales, you will find us -- if you know what to look for and how to look.

An ancient way of meeting us is related to scrying: reading fortunes by looking at the dancing waters of a natural spring, the sparkling distortions in clear ice, or the movements of sea creatures. The wiser land folk realize that bodies of water are sacred. If you dive into underwater coves and seek truth from the mysterious shifts of currents and light, you will hear the Mother’s heart beat in the pulses of the waves and tides. However, most people desecrate the sea -- and that is the desecration of the Mother. Recall the ancient myth of Oedipus and his terrible shame. This story shows the tragic consequences of being blind to what we do to ourselves and our mother. Oedipus was blinded, outcast from his own home, and doomed to wander until his mind found true wisdom in the enlightenment of the Divine.

The secret of the waters is something that can only be approached in the imagination, experienced in the heart, and recognized in the soul. The secret of the waters is the secret of life itself. The water is the true, original Eden -- the mother-womb of life. Dive into the sea and feel her surrounding you, embracing you. Feel her soft breath on your skin as her currents sweep over you. Hear her calling to you as her eddies spiral within the whorls of your ears. Sense the miraculous kiss of her love as her salty water heals the cuts and scrapes of both body and soul. She is Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea. She is the mother of enlightenment.

We merfolk personify the very water that gave birth to us and continues to give us life as a daily blessing. We merfolk must fulfill our promise to protect our sea home and mother. Therefore, float with us, swim and glide with us in the magic web of undersea light. We will re-introduce you to your own planet, the Sea-Mother. She wishes to gather her children back to her under the warming golden light of the sun.

The sun radiates heat and energy, but without the motherly moderation of the sea, all the earth would be burned and boiling much like the surfaces of Mercury and Venus. The ancients saw within the sea’s pulsing tides the metaphors of life, death, and resurrection. The sea destroys solid rock and yet soothes aching tissue. You see in her the very powers of creation and destruction. These secret movements of life are there for you to study if you open your eyes to see. Look deeply into the Sea-Mother and you look deeply into yourself. Look at what you see in the lens of the depths. Look at yourself in the surface of the Sea-Mother and your physical illusion ripples away. The aura of your true spirit remains -- but only if you are willing to look and truly see.

There is no accident that the words “see” and “sea” are the same sound in English. When you wash your eyes with the salty water of your own inward sea, you begin to see the truth of what you are and what life is. Yes, we merfolk exist. We exist in the physical sea outside you, and we exist in the spiritual sea within you. When you allow yourself to communicate with us, you are experiencing the validity of the ancient Greek proverb “Know Thyself.” Look into our eyes, listen to our voices, and you will look into yourself and hear the pulsing of your own soul. It will sound like the lullaby of the Sea-Mother’s waves. She whispers to you, sighs to you, loves and caresses you. Listen and love her as she loves you.

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